Progress bar

Progress bars are a great way of providing feedback when a task is running. Unlike spinners, they give the user a clear idea of how long the given task will take.


Cocoapods class reference view on Github


Day Night


Backpack/ProgressBar is a simple UIProgressView with Skyscanner styling applied.

                                                #import <Backpack/ProgressBar.h>
                                                BPKProgressBar *progressBar = [[BPKProgressBar alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectZero];
                                                progressBar.progress = 0.5;
                                                [progressBar setProgress:0.75 animated:YES];

                                                #import Backpack
                                                let progressBar = BPKProgressBar()
                                                progressBar.progress = 0.5
                                                progressBar.set(progress:0.75 animated:true)

Appearance attributes

  • (UIColor)fillColor