Help us to evolve Backpack by contributing high-quality features and updates.

Backpack. Owned by you, for the traveller


Backpack is built and owned by all of us at Skyscanner. We rely on our product teams’ contributions to improve and evolve our design system to facilitate quicker, scalable design.

If you have a new idea, or if you’re working on a feature that calls for a change to Backpack, get in touch — we’re here to help make it happen.

Contribution idea

So you’ve created a new design concept…

And you're on the path to creating a much-needed feature. That’s ace! This is where we can help.


Contribution meeting

Let's chat

Before you get started with any detailed design work, drop us a message in #backpack-design-chat about your new concept. We’ll gauge whether your team needs to contribute any changes to Backpack to deliver the feature.

If you do need to make any changes, your Engineers will need to add the Backpack contribution to their roadmap. Remember, getting us involved early means we can give you the support you need.

What contributing looks like

Check out our Backpack contribution flow. It shows the usual delivery process with any extra Backpack activities when contributing – it’s pretty straightforward.

Standard feature delivery process

Extra activities with Backpack contribution

You’ve designed a new concept

As soon as you’ve finished ideating, chat with us and we’ll help you to understand if Backpack needs updating

Contribution kick-off

If changes to Backpack are needed, the contribution process starts here. We’ll be here to guide you through the process

Polish your designs

Finish off adding detail to your new creation

Collaborate with the Backpack team

We’ll support you to make sure the components are ‘design-system ready’

Align with Backpack standards

Whether you’re contributing or not, talk to the Backpack team to check your designs meet Backpack standards

Start component API discussion

The API translates your design into an exact specification of what your component can and can’t do. It’s a core activity with any contribution. Designers and Engineers work on this together

Finalise design specs

This is the usual handover process with Engineering when your design is ready for build

Finalise API documentation

The Backpack component API is locked down at the same time

It’s build time

The Engineering squad builds the feature

And build time in Backpack codebase

Components are also built in Backpack

Test, learn, refine

Learn and iterate from any insight, feedback or experiments

Component-level experimentation

The Backpack codebase is set up so you can run experiments with components


Finalise component in Figma library

We’ll help finalise components in Figma so they’re well-constructed with clean layers, variants and properties

Product release

The feature is ready to be released into the world

Backpack release

The component is released into Figma and code libraries and is available for the whole team to use – you’re a Skyscanner hero

Got a question?

We're here to chat. Drop us a message in #backpack-design-chat and we can help guide you through how contributing works.