April 2023

A roundup of what’s changed in design and code.

April 23 – cover

Design language took centre stage

There aren’t too many visual design updates this month, as we've been focused on Visual Design Language. Take a look at the below links for more info 👇

Start with the deck for context:

Apr 23 - VDL

👏 Thanks to almost too many people to mention, but a special shout out to Alex M and Alex K in Product Design for sprinting on this.

New content guidelines ✍️

On the content side of things, we’ve soft-launched some of our content guidelines!

Take a look at our Language guidelines and Grammar guidelines. These are designed to give content creators, Product Designers, Engineers and Product Managers (to name a few!) a centralised place for all our tips, standards and guidelines.

You can now find these in the ‘Content’ section on our left-hand navigation. Each set of guidelines has an easy-to-use ‘On this page’ navigation to the right-hand side to help find what you’re looking for.

‘Is it a hyphen I should use for parentheses — or an em dash?’ we hear you ask. To save time when looking for a quick content answer, just use our search function in the top-right-hand corner and you can find everything you need.

We want to know your thoughts on the guidelines. Do they work for you? Is there anything else you need? We’ve got loads more coming in the pipeline such as the glossary of words, which we’ll be working with the Localisation team on.

👏 Thanks to the Content Design team for the collaborative team effort in building these.


Quick-fire code updates you may have missed 🏃‍♂️