August 2023

A round-up of what’s changed in design and code.

August 23 – cover 8


The latest enhancement for the nudger is here. It features a layout with an optional icon, title, and subtitle.

👏 Thanks to Gert from Koala for suggesting, starting, and finishing this one!

August 2023 - Nudger


The snippet is our most straightforward inventory card that’s used to link to longer pieces of content. It has dozens of configurations for fixed image ratios, text, and buttons.

We’ve started the app version with the web version is on its way. Take a look in Figma to see the extent of layout options. It’s built for both iOS and Android.

Like all inventory cards the snippet doesn't work independently, so we’re working on creating the card list component to house multiple snippets.

👏 Big thanks to Neutron Squad for picking this up for iOS/Android

August 2023 - Snippet

Card list

The long-awaited layout for the card list is here for iOS. You can put any card design you like into the card list layout, including the snippet. It’s configurable in lots of ways, so hold tight for the documentation for design guidance and usage.

👏 Big thanks to Neutron Squad for picking this up for iOS

August 2023 - Card list

Graphic promos for apps

The graphic promo has been available for web for a while, and now it's available for iOS and Android with a few enhanced animation and haptic features.

👏 Thanks Saidu and Gert for rebuilding this for Android and iOS

Card button

The critical interaction for the Saved feature is almost ready for web. Just look at that micro-interaction – nice. Keep an eye on the web tab appearing here soon.

👏 Thanks Giria Wu for contributing this for Web.

What’s new in content

‘Accessibility for Content Designers’ guidelines

We’ve launched new and improved guidelines for creating accessible and inclusive content for all. There are tips for how to spec designs, create alt text for images and much, much more.

👏 Shoutout to our Accessibility Lead Heather for all her help

August 2023 - Accessibility for Content Designers

Quick-fire code updates you may have missed 🏃‍♂️


Thanks, Adam and James