For Product Designers

Contributing and collaborating with the Backpack team is easy, just follow these simple steps.

Get in touch with us

How you can help

You don’t need to do much more design work than you’re already doing.


  1. Help us maintain the Figma library
    Improve the way a current component is built in Figma.
    Add feedback to a file. Your wisdom is invaluable.
  2. Share or improve components
    Add new components or improve an existing one. There’s a simple process for this (below)
    Update the style, layout or interaction of an existing component.
  3. Finally, you can create or revise our guidelines
    Help us to build out documentation for our components.

Got an idea? Follow these steps

Start the conversation

If you’ve got something to add to Backpack, say hello in the #backpack-design-channel channel and we can talk through your idea. Useful tools to get started:

Do the Backpack Decision Tree

Create a task in ClickUp

  1. If a similar idea already exists:
    Message the reporter on the ticket or reach out to them on Slack to discuss how you can work together.
  2. If your suggestion is completely new:
    Add a ticket describing your plan (screen grabs help!) and assign the ticket to yourself.
  3. Triage time!
    We’ll take a look at your proposal and plan its priority to understand how your plans fit into the bigger picture.

Collaborate with the design community

Whether you're building something new or updating something existing, collaborate with your peers. Add any work to Backpack Workshop Folder so everyone can see your progress. Ask if you need Editor permissions.

And then we’ll take it from there

Sit back, relax and enjoy being a Design System hero.

Your work helps us build beautifully-consistent products more efficiently, keeping our travellers happy.